D is for Drool Monster Alphabet Book

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When Ethan can't sleep, he doesn't count sheep—he says his ABCs! But in monster-loving Ethan's alphabet, A is for Arms, B is for Belly, C is for Claws, and D is for Drool. Soon, silly slobbery monsters parade across his room, displaying attributes that begin with each letter. Where are they going and will Ethan ever fall asleep?

Kids will love pointing out earlobes, noses, spikes, and wings on this horde of hilarious monsters—and discovering that they're heading under Ethan's bed! Like Ethan and the Y monster, kids will soon be yawning. And by Z, they'll be ready to sleep, as Ethan does, with tails and tentacles sticking out beneath his bed. ZZzzzzz. D is for Drool is the perfect balance of giggles and shivers.

Made in United States. Hardcover Book.