Why Our Little Monsters Can Soothe Your Little Monster

Posted by Nitia Musico on

There’s a reason why so many children’s books and movies in the last decade or so have attacked children’s fear of monsters: the issue is just so common.  It can often be chased from under the bed or out of the closet with a simple Nightlight or a spray bottle of Monster Be Gone But for some little ones, this common concern can be a BIG FEAR.  Bedtime can become difficult and disruptive for everyone in the house, but especially difficult for the child who fears the unknown in the dark. 

There are at least a dozen children’s books by different authors with the title, There’s Monster Under My Bed. The hugely successful Monsters, Inc. movie from The Disney Company and a slew of other movies such as Little Monsters, starring child star Fred Savage,  have offered alternate visualizations for the monster.  He’s no longer something to be feared, but a potential friend who is more scared of the child than the child is of him. Even fans of the well-loved children’s book series about the character Junie B.Jones are treated to stories about a monster under her bed.   

Child psychologists recommend that parents use play to dispel children’s fears.  A cute little monster from Monsters on Main is a great way for parents to help their kids change the vision of a scary bad monster to a friendly monster that just wants to play and love them. 

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