Is your child afraid of the dark? Get him a monster!

Posted by Nitia Musico on

Teddy Bears are the iconic soft “security blanket” toys of the past.  They were cuddly and cute, even when they lost an ear or you chewed off the nose.  But soft, cuddly monsters do something more: they help children - and the child in all of us - reframe the whole idea of what a monster IS.

A monster used to be something scary in the closet or under the bed.  Now, monsters can be friendly like the ones in the Disney movie, Monsters, Inc.  And the great thing is that these little monsters can come to live in your own house! 

According to Amy Morin, LCSW, “The fear of darkness, especially of being left alone in the dark, is one of the biggest fears kids experience. Some researchers suspect this is evolutionary. Nighttime is when people may be most vulnerable to predators…So, it’s likely that your child’s fear of nighttime and darkness is hardwired.” 

Easing your child through this phase that effects most children in every culture and throughout history takes some creativity.   One strategy recommended by psychologists is to use dramatic play.  You can help your child imagine bravely making friends with his or her own monster from Monsters on Main!

We have  many options available on our website or in our store in Denison, Texas.  Consider letting your little one help you choose the perfect monster for them!