Our Little Monsters Get Around!

Posted by Nitia Musico on

   If youreet in Denison, Texas, you might just run into some of our little monsters.  They tend to escape the front door on nice, sunny days and have fun surprising shoppers on the sidewalks, in cafes and in the other shops.  You never know when a group of little monster friends might be hanging out on a park bench or taking advantage of a nice breeze in a tree! 

Here in the shop, they have a whole playground to keep them busy.  If you happen to swing by on a chilly or rainy day, you might find them swinging, sliding, climbing on their jungle gym or riding bicycles indoors.  Our shop is housed in a 100-year-old pharmacy building with very high ceilings, cool old fashioned hex tile floors and old fixtures; it’s the perfect play place for our cute little monsters and their human friends to get to know one another.   

When the weather warms up a bit and it becomes safer to walk up and down Main Street (with a mask, of course), keep an eye out for our monsters.  They might be anywhere!