Halloween Will Be Different in 2020

Posted by Nitia Musico on

We’ve seen many clever ideas for how to make Halloween pandemic-safe this year, including the use of one of these great candy delivery chutes!

Halloween Candy Chute

Instructions for building your own candy chute abound on YouTube and Pinterest.  Just Google “candy chute”. 

Here in Denison, Texas, we have our own approach to filling your Halloween with fun.  You can enjoy a drive-through experience at Downtown Denison’s Monster Mash on the 31st at Forest Park or visit some of the stores on Main Street between now and Halloween.  We’ll all be wearing masks and looking forward to seeing kids dressed in their costumes! 

But if you want to commemorate this unusual year in a new way, stop by Monsters on Main or just check out our cute little monsters here on our website.  This may be the one year in your child’s life when they couldn’t trick-or-treat in the time-tested way.  Why not find creative ways to make Halloween monsters even more fun than usual?  

You might find a plush monster on our site that will turn into a story for years to come about the “Year We Didn’t Have Halloween” and  how it became even more special because we made some new traditions. 

You might even start a new tradition of adopting a new monster every year from our gallery of one-of-a-kind designer monsters. 

Either way, your Halloween will be different, but it can be excitingly different. 

We’re here to help!