Can a Cute Little Monster Help with Bullying?

Posted by Nitia Musico on

Here at Monsters on Main, we think monsters are cute!  Some of them might even have been the subject of bullying; let’s face it, they often have just one eye or too many legs which makes them an easy target.  But the most important thing about the monsters born here in our workshop, though, is that they are friendly, cuddly and one-of-a-kind.  They have big personalities and become instant friends to kids who might have thought monsters were scary.   

Bullying has always been common in school, but social media gave bullies a powerful new way to hurt.  Serious consequences, even in children as young as 10 or 11, have occurred.  At Monsters on Main, we are especially mindful of this issue.   

Our one-of-a-kind monsters bring joy and comfort to children from 1 to 100.  When a child adopts a cute little monster, they find a friend who will be there whenever needed to share fun activities, cuddle in bed and listen to both exciting and hard stories.  Sometimes, just the act of talking about something like bullying can help one to process the hurt. 

We hope your household will learn to embrace a few cute little monsters.  Check out our home page to see which monsters are ready for adoption now!